How to start?
Every journey begins with the first step

Perhaps there are already ideas in your company for improving Shop Floor Management. Go one step ahead and set new standards for efficiency, adherence to schedules and quality. We help you to identify use cases in production and logistics and to develop solutions.

Step 01

Non-binding contact

Do you have an idea for the software-supported improvement of Shop Floor Management or a specific use case? Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. We look forward to getting to know your challenges. It doesn't matter whether it's about visualization, action management or process optimization: We look forward to hearing about your requirements.

Step 02

Online meeting and live demo

Let's have a non-binding conversation! We would be happy to introduce you to Visual Shop Floor and respond to your questions and use cases. Using specific examples, we will show you how we support customers in optimizing their manufacturing and logistics processes. And of course we are looking for a solution on how you can take Shop Floor Management to a new level. The appointment is non-binding and free of charge. Use our experience from numerous customer projects!

Step 03

Proof of Concept

You are enthusiastic after our first conversation? That's our pleasure! In the next step, we jointly identify the first use cases in your company that are suitable for a preliminary project (proof of concept). In order to work as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible, we focus on a use case that is important to you, which can be implemented in a reasonable period of time and with little effort. This allows you to test Visual Shop Floor yourself with your own contents and a real use case. The software is provided free of charge for the proof of concept, we only charge a flat rate for the support of the project. In the proof of concept, you get to know us as a partner and have the opportunity to try out all the functions of Visual Shop Floor. This gives you a well-founded and reliable basis for decision-making. We couldn't convince you in the proof of concept? Too bad, but we remain friends as before. Otherwise we look forward to a successful cooperation and are your partner for digital Shop Floor Management.

Step 04

Go Live

The proof of concept was successful and you decided to go live? That's our pleasure! Now we are transferring the results from the proof of concept to live operation, thereby creating an initial benefit in your company. A personal contact will support you with the introduction and expansion of the solution. Here, too, we work according to a binding schedule. Perhaps we can already roll out the solution to several departments or even sites.

Step 05

Further expansion

After the successful introduction of Visual Shop Floor, further use cases are identified. Due to the modular structure of Visual Shop Floor, these can be prioritized and implemented in the appropriate order. We would be happy to advise you on the realization and implementation and remain at your disposal as a reliable partner.

With the following services,
we are your competent
partner for the digitization
of Shop Floor Management.

Element 58

Licensing Visual Shop Floor

Visual Shop Floor is licensed depending on the scope of use. The license model is based on a price matrix, which serves as the basis for a transparent and binding calculation of the license costs.

Element 60


Due to the consistent configurability of Visual Shop Floor, the functions can be easily and quickly adapted to the needs of the company. Requirements and use cases are prioritized and implemented step by step. Due to the flexibility of Visual Shop Floor, you can make these adjustments and extensions yourself and, if necessary, rely on our support.

Element 55


Whether training for end users or technical training for a key user: We focus on your needs and adapt both the form (online or face-to-face) and the content of a training course to your needs.

Element 57

Maintenance and support

For maintenance and support, our helpdesk and our helpful employees are at your disposal. Whether you have a technical question or a question about a configuration option in Visual Shop Floor, we will be happy to support you and find the right solution. In addition, all updates with constantly new functions and improvements are available to you as part of a maintenance contract.

Element 59


Do you have a requirement that cannot be covered with the numerous functions of Visual Shop Floor? No problem: Custom widgets can be used to map almost all specific user interface requirements. Using the Custom Data Connectors approach, specific legacy systems can be integrated into Visual Shop Floor without deviating the underlying software platform from the standard.